Do you have a morning routine?

If you don’t, I get it. Most morning routines you see are like…

Get up at 5am, work out for 30-60 minutes, shower, meditate, journal, say your affirmations —— GAHHHHH

This is another way diet culture sneaks up on us. It’s that all-or-nothing mentality. You should be doing all.the.things or fuck it, why even try?

You know what I’m talking about.

I want to help you create a morning routine unique to you, so you can show up as the best version of yourself everyday. 

I was able to develop something that works for me and it takes less than 45 minutes.

I simply get ready (freshen face, brush my teeth, get dressed), make my bed, drink lots of water, meditate, and eat breakfast. That’s it! This routine helps me feel ready for the day. And yours could look 100% different from mine and that’s totally cool.

Here’s how you can create a morning routine unique to you: 

1. Mind-dump. Grab a pen & paper or fresh document on your computer and write down all the ideas you have for a morning routine. For this to be the most effective, write down everything that comes to mind. Getting everything out of your head and onto paper will help you see things clearly.

2. Wants vs. “Shoulds.” Take a look at your list. Think about what you actually want to do and what you just think you should do. I find body checks to be super helpful here. Close your eyes and imagine a happy memory. Pay attention to how that feels in your body. Now, imagine an unhappy memory (lets not relive trauma here, just picture something you didn’t like) and pay attention to how that feels in your body. When you think about some of the morning routine activities on your list, pay attention to how they feel in your body. Are they closer to the happy memory or the unhappy memory? This will give you an idea about what you actually want to implement into your morning routine.

3. Think about timing. What time do you want to wake up in the morning? How much time do you want your morning routine to take? Look at your newly narrowed down list and narrow it down even further by picking what activities will fit into your time frame.

4. Start small. Pick ONE thing off of your list at a time. If there are some small things that are related, you can start those at the same time. I’ll give you a personal example. I work from home, so I used to roll out of bed, stay in my pajamas all day, and skip other hygienic activities one should do in the morning. I thought about what “getting ready” meant to me and implemented freshening up my face, brushing my teeth, and getting dressed as small things that added up to one habit.

5. Plan. Once you have picked your one habit to start with, think about when you will implement this new routine (hint: doesn’t have to start on a Monday). This is a super important step. If you don’t plan when you will start, it’s very difficult to ever get this morning routine in motion.

6. Write out your routine. Now you’ve planned your first habit, now include it into your schedule everyday. I personally plan my day the night before and write down my routine every single night. This further cements my routine into my head and into practice.

7. Add onto the routine. When you feel like the first habit is becoming second nature and you’re really in a groove, look back at your finalized list and pick another item you want to add to your routine. You can build and change this routine whenever it’s not suiting you anymore!

There you have it! 7 steps to successfully implement a morning routine. 

Here’s a secret – you can apply this to any routine you want to implement!

I have an after work routine and a night routine where I’ve applied these same steps.

Creating a morning routine can be so easy! Give it a try.


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