If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I’ve been super into walking this winter.

Why winter?? You might ask. Well I knew being stuck inside all day everyday was going to be hard on my mental health AND I have back problems that prevent me from doing many other types of exercise.

I decided to make walking part of my daily routine. Since I work from home, I literally get zero separation in my work & home life, so I started walking after I was done with work every day. 

There are so many benefits I’ve noticed from walking everyday both during the walk and the after-effects. 

Why I love talking about walking is because it’s easy, free, and a great way to move your body if you hate all other forms of “working out.”

  1. Fresh air y’all!!! We are not meant to live in a box all day everyday breathing recycled air. It’s hard to get outside when it’s cold, but when you bundle up and get out there, you can’t beat the fresh air.

2. Getting used to the cold weather. I live in Indianapolis, so it’s not the COLDEST winters ever, but it’s pretty damn cold. Bundling up and getting outside everyday actually helps you acclimate to the cold better.

3. Movement. Do you sit all day? I know I do! Walking is one of the easiest ways to move your body, get those steps in, get that digestive system moving… Overall, I notice my whole body functions better when I go on daily walks.

4. Mood booster. Woah, do I notice a huge fucking difference on the days I don’t walk versus the days I do, especially during those dark gray winter days. When I don’t move my body, I tend to feel depressed and don’t know why and unmotivated. But when I get outside and walk, I’m more motivated and my spirits are lifted. 

5. A decompressor. I don’t have the commute from work to home to decompress, so I walk when I’m done with my workday. It’s a great transition from work life to home life, especially when I do all of it at home!

6. Ideas galore! I keep my phone with me when I walk so I can jot down all the ideas that flood in when I’m on a walk. 

7. Alone time. If you live with someone, chances are you are seeing them all.the.time. Walking by yourself gives you some sweet, sweet alone time, especially in the winter. You don’t see too many people walking in the winter, that’s for sure.

8. A way to hang out with friends during Covid. Walking is a great way to safely hangout with friends/family during the pandemic. I’ve grown much closer to a friend over the last year by walking with her almost every week!

As you can see, walking in the winter has many more benefits than just physical. There’s mental and emotional health benefits as well. It’s a great all-in-one exercise, decompressor, alone time or social time, mood booster, and overall helps you hate winter less!

If you put this into practice, I promise you will be a happier human.


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