Hi, I’m Lauren Redwine (like the )

I am an anti-diet coach with my company, Wellness with Redwine.

Look, I don’t know about you, but I am done with people telling me what to do.

So I'm going to start with what I DON'T get down with:

• Meal-plans
• Cutting out gluten, dairy, sugar, [insert other food here]
• Diets or better yet, diets masquerading as a “lifestyle”
• Losing weight to be healthy & happy

Here's What I DO get down with:

• Health and happiness at any body size
• Going off of your body’s internal cues, not external advice
• Finding nourishment that is satisfying, energizing, and works for YOU
• Living your life without feeling controlled by food

My mission is to give you Freedom!

You have tried diets, cleanses, “healthy lifestyle” eating, and feel like you are failing. You are feeling defeated like something is wrong with you. You feel incredibly alone because no one else is talking about late night binges, obsessing over food, or their struggles with feeling like a failure.

You are just trying to do the “right” thing and be healthy, but the more you try, the deeper you go into the hole of hopelessness and despair.

I see you. And I’ve been there.

Once I decided to go for my health certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the obsession started. I fell into this deep hole of all-or-nothing thinking and perfectionism in the name of health.

The idea of gaining weight was TERRIFYING to me. I micromanaged everything I ate, I was “good” during the day and I would binge at night terrified that I might never stop eating. The next day, I would start all over again eating as little and as “healthy” as I could.

This was maddening.

I felt so alone. I was in a health profession where everyone made it look like a healthy lifestyle came effortlessly to them. But why couldn’t I get my shit together?

A few year later, I learned about a different way of being. No guilt. No shame. No late night binges. No more perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking. And best of all, food freedom!

You can have this too. I promise you.

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I won’t stop doing this work until we are all healed from diet culture.


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