What does “meal-prepping” make you think of? Hours of laboring in the kitchen only to make a bunch of shit you don’t actually want to eat?

There is a better way. I promise. 

When people talk about meal-prepping, it usually includes making these amazing healthy recipes that look and sound great, but aren’t something you would actually eat. Or they are part of following a particular diet. 

But meal-prepping can be a way to make your life easier. I recommend making meals you actually like to eat and that will satisfy you.

Here are some tips to make meal-prepping easier and “non-diety:”

  • Build a recipe repository. Yes, I still constantly use recipes. I am not a throw-shit-together kind of person. Use Pinterest, IG, or go to your favorite blogs to find recipes. Look for recipes you know you’ll enjoy eating, will be good reheated, will keep well in the fridge, and won’t be too time-consuming to make. Also think about what kitchen appliances and utensils you have and don’t choose recipes that require equipment you don’t have.
  • Save & organize your recipes. I use an app called AnyList. You can save recipes from your web browser onto the app and add ingredients from those recipes directly onto your grocery list. It will make meal-prepping so much easier for you!! You can also plan your meals directly on the app as well, so you know what you’re going to cook for the week.
  • Prepping for your meal-prep. Now think about what day of the week you want to meal-prep, what meals you want to prep (i.e. breakfasts, lunches, and/or dinners), and how many meals you will need to make to have enough for the week.
  • Make a grocery list & go shopping. Now you have a game plan. If you downloaded AnyList, you can easily make a shopping list once you’ve picked out your meals for the week. I recommend going shopping the day before you meal-prep so you aren’t doing it all in one day. That’s when this can feel overwhelming.
  • Cook meals simultaneously. This goes back to the kitchen appliances and utensils you have. Here’s an example of what this might look like, you can be cooking on the stove top while you have ingredients roasting in the oven, a meal in the crock-pot, and rice cooking in the rice-cooker. This will cut down your time massively. 
  • Put everything in containers. Once you are done, put all your prepped meals in containers in the fridge or freezer. Meals usually last about 5 days in the fridge and up to a few months in the freezer. If you are going to freeze meals, I recommend using an airtight container or vacuum sealer. 

This requires a bit of planning, but once you realize how much time you get back during the week, it’s worth it.

And you will love yourself when you’re hungry and all you have to do is grab the food you prepared and heat it up!

One last note, because I follow Intuitive Eating principles with my clients, there might be days when you don’t want to eat what you’ve cooked, so please don’t beat yourself up if you decide to order-in instead. This is why it’s good to pick meals that can be frozen so you don’t have to worry about waste.

I hope you found this helpful! 

Get your meal-preppin’ game on!!


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