Intuitive Eating was created by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch who also wrote the book, Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Anti-Diet Approach.

The principles of Intuitive Eating guide my coaching practice. 

But what does Intuitive Eating even mean and why do I use it with my clients?

Intuitive Eating is a weight-neutral, mind-body approach that helps one cultivate body awareness and trust suggesting that true health is listening to your body’s signals and meeting those physiological needs (1). 

Honestly, Intuitive Eating is really a process of trusting that your body knows what’s best for you. Not health magazines. Not health blogs. Not even the doctor selling a specific diet. You know what’s best for your body. 

An important part of Intuitive Eating is to be weight neutral. This means you approach mind-body health without intentional weight loss. 

Why is this?

Because what happens when you approach Intuitive Eating wanting to lose weight means you will have to ignore your body’s signals, you will restrict your food in one way or another (whether it’s calories, certain macros, or cutting out foods), and you will base your health off of the number on the scale. 

If anyone promises weight loss with Intuitive Eating – they are not actually practicing Intuitive Eating. They are trying to turn Intuitive Eating into another diet. Often called the “hunger/fullness” diet. 

Intuitive Eating isn’t simply the hunger/fullness diet. It’s a comprehensive set of principles focused on making peace with food, becoming more in tune with your body’s signals, rediscovering the satisfaction factor in food again, learning how to deal with emotions instead of turning to food, and incorporating gentle nutrition (instead of dieting). 

If you are struggling with yo-yo dieting, bingeing, emotional eating, feeling pre-occupied with food, or any other disruptive eating behaviors, Intuitive Eating is the answer. 

Freedom is on the other side of these struggles. I know because I’ve been there. 

I tried every type of diet, meal-plan, and style of eating (veganism, Whole30, elimination diet, Ayurveda, the “wellness diet,” etc.) and all of them ended in bingeing, feeling obsessed with food, and not much change to my body at all. If there was change to my body I gained the weight back pretty quickly. 

The problem underlying all of these diets was under-nourishment, lack of sustainability, and, most importantly, none of them talked about the possibility of these disruptive eating habits. 

Intuitive Eating is truly different because the first focus is on relationship with food and connecting to your body. Nutrition is dead last because you have to make peace with food first or this will just feel like another diet. 

There are no rigid rule in Intuitive Eating. There’s no all-or-nothing approach. There is no “failing.” The permission to do this imperfectly is baked into the process. There’s also no promise of results because this process looks different for everyone. 

I know, Intuitive Eating isn’t super sexy like all the other diets, but it will provide lasting freedom and true mind-body health.

If you are tired of the yo-yo dieting and not finding anything that feels “right” for you, work with me. I use an Intuitive Eating approach. Check out my coaching page for more info!


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